Alpenrose Flower

Alpenrose Flower - Sustainable Plant Material from the Alps
The Alpenrose (Alpine Rose; Rhododendron ferrugineum) is a plant native to the Alps, and is a perennial, evergreen shrub with characteristic deep pink to purple hermaphrodite flowers and dark green, elliptical leaves. Manufactured from 100% wild-grown and handpicked Alpenrose Flowers from a farming family in the Swiss Alps, our novel extracts provide full traceability, high sustainable quality and a maximum of natural Swissness for skin and hair care cosmetics.

Special Features
Sustainable Plant Material
Wild Alpenrose Flowers

Available Products
Alpenrose Flower (CH) Herbasol® Tincture

Alpenrose Flower (CH) Herbasol® Extract Glycerine unpreserved

Alpenrose Flower (CH) Herbasol® Extract Glycerine SB

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More information about the traceability of the plant source can be found in the Flyer or in the Interview with our Alpenrose Flower supplier.