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December 2017 Lipoid Kosmetik – Presents Two New Activity-Proven Herbasol® Pro Extracts
June 2017 New Data: HerbaProtect® NOX - The Night-Time Sun Care Active
March 2017 HerbaShield® URB - The Natural Solution to Pollution
Caffeine Herbasome® - Enhanced Skin and Hair Stimulation
August 2016 in-cosmetics Asia - HerbaProtect NOX & Sunflower PI Herbasome®
April 2016 Colla-Gain® - Regenerative multifunctional Anti-Aging Active
March 2016 Product launches at in-cosmetics Paris
January 2016 Saskatoon Berry & Chia Seed – Lipoid Kosmetik’s new Trend Products
April 2015 Lipoid Kosmetik – a green step ahead with its new product launches at in-Cosmetics Barcelona
March 2015 Lipoid Kosmetik AG granted Gold Recognition Level for EcoVadis CSR
August 2014 Unique Deep Moisturizing Cream with Hydro-Gain™ and SLM Skin Lipid Matrix™ – Interactive Formulation Lab at in-Cosmetics Asia
July 2012 GMP Certification: Cosmetochem International AG another step ahead in quality!
February 2012 Colla-Gain - Anti-ageing pomegranate flower power
October 2011 usNeo™ - a naturally effective deodorant and antibacterial active
March 2011 Cosmetochem International AG wins for its skin lightener Citrolumine 8 the CPCCI Award during PCHi
  Cosmetochem's Ecoverte exracts obtain Ecocert cetification
October 2010 Cosmetochem International AG launch Citrolumine 8™ a new botanical active to brighten the skin tone and increase skin luminosity
February 2010 Fair-trade evaluation for Aboriginal plants
  Cosmetochem launch botanical, standardized, lposomal powders