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Liposomal skin lightening crème
Wednesday 4th November, 12:45 -13:45

You will learn how to make a liposomal skin-lightening cream with highly skin-protecting properties based on:

• Citrolumine 8®, a natural skin lightening active based on concentrated, liposomally encapsulated citroflavonoids from bitter orange and grapefruit. Its proven skin-lightening activity results from efficiently inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the production of the skin pigment melanin.

• Ginkgo LC Herbasol®, a standardized botanical extract from Ginkgo biloba with natural depigmentation agents and potent free radical scavenger activity.

• Hydrogenated Lecithin as natural emulsifier that regenerates the skin lipid barrier and restores its natural moisture balance.

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LC Herbasol® Extracts- Standardized Botanical Extracts
LC  Herbasol Extracts (LC = lead compound) comprises a new series of five standardized liquid extracts optimized for cosmetic applications.  For LC Herbasol botanical extracts a range has been defined for each extract and lead compound. Together with a mild and controlled manufacturing process under cosmetic GMP this guarantees a consistent high quality with a reproducible concentration

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usNeo™ - Anti Dandruff
usNeo is a botanical active derived from the lichen Usnea barbata for the use in anti-dandruff shampoos and related hair care products. The active ingredient in usNeo, usnic acid, is effectively treating the microbial cause of dandruff.

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SLM 2038 - Skin Lipid Matrix® goes green
SLM 2038 is a new type of multi-lamellar cream based on the proprietary SLM Skin Lipid Matrix technology. The innovative formulation with Non-GMO sunflower phospholipids can easily be incorporated in any type of skin care product in order to achieve a unique and natural feeling.

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EcoVadis - Gold Recognition Level
With great pleasure we can announce that Lipoid Kosmetik got a GOLD Rating from Ecovadis ( for our Corporate Social Responsibilty achievements which is valid for the whole Lipoid Kosmetik AG (Group).

CSR Certification

Sustainability Report
We are pleased to inform you that our Sustainability Report is finalized. This report reflects the actions of our company Lipoid Kosmetik AG. The report includes the following tasks:

  - Compliance with National Laws Concerning the Environment
  - Biodiversity
  - Energy and Emission
  - Non-Animal Testing
  - Social Responsibility

If you are interested in reading more about our Sustainability Policy, please address our customer service.

Herbaspheres™constitute a range of natural cosmetic milk concentrates which allow both hydrosoluble and liposoluble ingredients to be incorporated at the same time.

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Innovative moisturizing system based on birch bark extract and barbary fig seed oil. The excellent hydrating properties of Hydro-Gain™ have successfully been demonstrated in in-vitro and in-vivo studies, proving a superior moisturizing efficacy in direct comparison to glycerol and hyaluronic acid.

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Lipoid Kosmetik's Ecoverte range is now COSMOS organic certified
The Ecoverte range, formerly certified according to Ecocert Standard for natural and organic cosmetic is now as well COSMOS organic certified. The Ecoverte products are 100% natural and 88 – 97% organic (depending on raw material).

South of France Plant Extracts
The Ecoverte product line has actually been extended with South of France Plant Extracts. Please see our Ecoverte brochure for more information.

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Herbasome – “Liposomally Activated Extracts for Deep Skin Hydration”
The high expertise of liposomal encapsulation combined with high quality of plant extracts enabled Lipoid Kosmetik AG to develop Herbasome. Plant derived waters are encapsulated in a new type of liposome. An in vivo study clearly shows an increase of skin moisture up to 39% - after 7 days. Herbasome is a 100% natural product. This novel liposomal system is available in 4 species.

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Ethoverte – “Fair Trade – our Contribution to a More Sustainable way of Living
We support community trade products in order to answer the demand of the current consumer requirements resulting in trends of personal care products:
  • Ethical supply
  • Traceability
  • Sustainability
  • Purity
The philosophy behind the development of fair-traded and community-traded products is to help marginalised and poor communities by developing a stable and profitable business based on trade and not on charity. Ethoverte Herbasol® extracts contain raw material from fair trade which are verified by well documented controls.

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