NEW - Trend Products

Lipoid Kosmetik has launched a new series of trend products with outstanding cosmetic properties. We started with two superfoods, Saskatoon Berry and Chia Seed, and proceeded with Tagua Nut.
Now, we are very proud to introduce our new Alpenrose Flower extract line, which provides high sustainable quality and a maximum of Swissness.

Alpenrose Flower - Sustainable Plant Material from the Alps
The Alpenrose (Alpine Rose; Rhododendron ferrugineum) is a plant native to the Alps, and is a perennial, evergreen shrub with characteristic deep pink to purple hermaphrodite flowers and dark green, elliptical leaves. Manufactured from 100% wild-grown and handpicked Alpenrose Flowers from a farming family in the Swiss Alps, our novel extracts provide full traceability, high sustainable quality and a maximum of natural Swissness for skin and hair care cosmetics.

Tagua Nut - The Botanical Ivory
Over the last twenty years, Tagua Nut has been rediscovered as a more exclusive and eco-friendly raw material for different purposes. Lipoid Kosmetik now offers Tagua Nut as a natural-sustainable exfoliation ingredient to replace plastic microbeads.
Lipoid Kosmetik has a whole range of natural abrasives as alternative to plastic microbeads.

Chia Seed – Power of the Aztec Warriors
Chia Seeds and their wide-ranging benefits have a long history of cultivation and use in South America. Already known to the ancient Maya and Aztec culture, Chia was used as an exceptional source for energy, strength and health.

Saskatoon Berry - The Canadian Power Fruit

Saskatoon Berries are a perfect example of a trending superfood. Already the Crees, one of the largest groups of Native Americans, took full advantage of the purple blue berry which is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and flavonoids.

Alpenrose Flower
Tagua Nut