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CN: The need for night-time sun care products - HerbaProtect® NOX
EN: The need for night-time sun care products – HerbaProtect® NOX 
The Natural Solution to Pollution - HerbaShield® URB

Sustainability means actions, not just words
Superfood extracts available
Saskatoon Berry & Chia Seed - Lipoid Kosmetik's new Trend Products
LC Herbasol® - Botanical Extracts with standardized lead compounds
Citrolumine 8® - Liposomal citroflavonoids for efficient skin lightening
LC Herbasol® - Botanical Extracts with standardized lead compounds
A Multi-Functional Botanical Active Based on Ginkgo for Anti-Aging
A Multi-Functional Plant Protein for Skin and Hair Care
An ethical Supply Chain for Australian Plants
Anti-Cellulite Actives, Dream or Reality?
Cerasomes - Liposomes With Membranes Formed From Stratum Corneum Lipids
Citrus Flavonoids with Skin Lightening Effects – Safety and Efficacy Studies
Citroflavonoid Anti-ageing Complex Fades Age Spots and Gives Skin Tone a Youthful Citrus Boost
Colla-GainTM - Effects of Pomegranate Flower Complex on the Skin
Colla-Gain® - Lierac Crème Rouge
Glycerol-based Liposomal Systems
Herbasec® MPE Sebostat
Hydro-Gain™ - Plant-derived system boosts hydration and lipid barrier
Information Requirements for Botanical Cosmetic Ingredients
Lecithin and Phospholipids - the Optimal Choice for Natural Cosmetics
LC Herbasol® - standardized botanical extracts
Lipoid Kosmetik AG: A New Name Based on Long-standing Expertise
Lipoid Kosmetik takes gold
Lysophospholipids in Cosmetics
Natural active with antibacterial and anti-dandruff activity
Phospholipids: Natural Functional Ingredients and Actives for Cosmetic Products
Pomegranate Flower Complex a Novel Anti-ageing Active
Rooibos – The new „White Tea“ for Hair and Skin Care
SLM 2038 - Lipoid Kosmetik develops a "shield" formula
SLM 2038 and LC Herbasol® Extracts
Stimulation of Collagen Production in Human Fibroblasts
usNeoTM - a Naturally Effective Deodorant and Antbacterial Active
usNeo™ - Anti-Dandruff
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