Gentle Manufacturing Processes

Our extracts are generated by a maceration and percolation procedure. The methods are precisely optimised for and applied to the requirements of the drugs and solvents. Extraction takes place at room temperature to guarantee as gentle as possible processing of the raw materials.
Our lecithin and phosphatidylcholine products are extracted and purified by gentle processes using solvents classified as harmless..

We generate our distillates by steam or vacuum distillation. The methods are optimised precisely for and applied to the raw material requirements. Distillation takes place at different temperatures to dissolve the required substances. Production volumes up to 1,000 kg of end product are possible.

Vacuum spray drying
Alcoholic concentrates are manufactured in order to generate Herbasec®, which is loaded onto a carrier substance. The methods are optimised precisely for and applied to the requirements of the raw materials.
Vacuum drying is also the procedure for the final drying of lecithin and phosphatidylcholine products.

Herbamilk® are emulsions which are mixed with pre-determined or customer-specific extracts or complexes with plant oils. The procedure is adjusted precisely according to the requirements of the extracts.

Delivery systems
Our delivery systems like Liposome, Herbasome, PhytoSolve® are prepared by homogenization processes of the product specific ingredients. The processes are optimized to guarantee the specified particle size to achieve a homogenous distribution of the actives on the skin. These processes also ensure the proctection of the sensitive ingredients.