April 2019

3rd prize at the BSB Innovation Award Cosmetics 2019
The newly launched Lipoid Kosmetik product Carotolino won the 3rd prize in the category ‘Most innovative raw material’ at the ‘BSB Innovation Award Cosmetics 2019’. As a first time participant we are very proud about the achievement. The BSB Award is internationally recognized and awarded by independent juries since 17 years.
Carotolino was also among the shortlisted new products for the in-cosmetics ‘Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2019’ in the category ‘Active’.

April 2019

Carotolino – Blue Light Protection and a Vivid Look 
Natural and artificial blue light damages skin and induces premature aging. Nature’s answer to blue light are carotenoids, which shield blue light and protect against blue-light induced oxidative stress. Besides the photo-protective activity, topically applied carotenoids can optimize our skin color, shifting pale and dull skin tones to a more lively appearance.
Lipoid Kosmetik’s new active ingredient Carotolino is based on the unique combination of carrot root extract, carrot seed oil and β-carotene, all united in a basis of canola oil in order to provide perfectly stabilized carotenoids. Carotolino shows efficacy in:
    • shielding blue light
    • neutralizing blue light-induced ROS
    • and supporting a healthy and vivid skin color
In essence, Carotolino incorporates the best of carrots including stabilized carotenoids. It reduces blue light-induced skin damage while at the same time adds a vivid look. This makes our botanical active a trendy ingredient that synergistically targets the protection and liveliness of modern skin.

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April 2019

Hydro-Gain – The Barrier and Hydration Booster
Sufficient water content in the stratum corneum is the prerequisite for healthy, appealing and non-irritated skin. The most effective strategies to reduce water loss are improving the skin’s barrier function and enhancing the skin’s water-holding capacity.
Hydro-Gain is Lipoid Kosmetik’s powerful,100% natural, COSMOS-approved moisturizing cocktail that strives for optimal water retention. Hydro-Gain combines moisturizing lipophilic extracts from birch bark and barbary fig oil with regenerating hydrogenated lecithin. Based on this unique combination of active substances, Hydro-Gain:
    • strengthens the skin barrier
    • improves water retention
    • provides short- & long-term moisturization
    • shows deep-down hydration efficacy.
In essence, Hydro-Gain simultaneously improves both, the tightness of the lipid- and protein-based permeability barrier as well as the amount of water-binding molecules, and thereby minimizes water loss and increases skin hydration. This holistic approach to overcome dry skin makes Hydro-Gain the perfect ingredient for innovative moisturizers.

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April 2019

Jackfruit organic Herbasol® – Vegan Food for Vegan Skin Care 
A vegan lifestyle stands for conscious living and healthiness, but also for youth, confidence and fashion. Therefore, veganism is not only a major food trend, but it is also taking over the cosmetic industry.
Although a vegan lifestyle is extremely healthy, plant-based food lacks some important nutrients, such as creatine, an energy metabolite for skin. In order to compensate for creatine deficiency in skin cells of vegans, Lipoid Kosmetik developed the cosmetic ingredient Jackfruit organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB. In fact, Jackfruit is popular in the vegan cuisine. Here, we show that our Jackfruit extract can also improve cellular creatine uptake into skin, and consequently complements a vegan diet.
Taken together, Jackfruit organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB not only symbolizes vegan lifestyle, but also supplements creatine shortage known from skin of vegans. Our Jackfruit extract specifically addresses the needs of plant-based eaters and is therefore a perfect tool for the fast-growing market of vegan skin care.

January 2019

Cranberry - Natural Biofilm Control
Biofilms are complex habitats of microorganisms on human skin. Microbes can hide inside the protective matrix of biofilms, where they have a reduced vulnerability to antimicrobial agents. This fact challenges the cosmetic industry to identify selective biofilm balancer, which specifically weaken biofilms of troublemaking bacteria, and support biofilms of advantageous microbes.
With Cranberry organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB, Lipoid Kosmetik presents a novel cosmetic tool that targets cutaneous biofilms. Cranberry organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB has anti-adhesive and anti-biofilm forming activity, but is non-biocidal. It selectively represses biofilm formation of disadvantageous microorganisms, while promoting beneficial microorganisms in biofilms. Thereby, Cranberry organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB controls biofilms naturally.
Cranberry organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB can be used as stand-alone active ingredient to control cutaneous biofilms, or complementary to antimicrobial agents.

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VNGR+ – Zero-Alcohol Tinctures from Ancient Times
Vinegar is a highly beneficial, multi-functional ingredient known for centuries. In particular our hair profits immensely from vinegar, as it is pH-balancing and naturally cleansing. Therefore, vinegar-based ingredients are optimally suitable to fight damaged, dull and unruly hair.
Lipoid Kosmetik developed an exquisite selection of superior, COSMOS-approved VNGR+ extracts, which reduce hair damage, while leaving smooth hair with a stunning shine. VNGR+ are extracts from plant material with vinegar and glycerin as extraction system. The extraction with both, vinegar and glycerin, creates powerful, virtually alcohol-free tinctures. Being optimized for formulation compatibility, performance and efficacy, VNGR+ extracts are the ideal addition for the daily hair perfection.

Cider VNGR+ is an extract from mallow flowers and nettle herbs with Swiss organic apple cider vinegar and glycerin.

Rice VNGR+ is an extract from chrysanthemum flowers and polygonum roots with rice vinegar and glycerin. 

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Natipide® Eco – Natural Carrier for Cosmetic Actives
Encapsulation of active ingredients has become a popular tool in the cosmetic and personal care industry, following the ongoing trend towards safer, high-performing and more sophisticated consumer products.

Natipide Eco represents a new, innovative carrier system for hydrophilic cosmetic active ingredients, exclusively based on natural raw-materials. Designed as a pre-liposomal concentrate, Natipide Eco forms stable liposomes upon simple mixing with water.

An in vivo study with Raman spectroscopy was performed to demonstrate the superior performance of Natipide Eco as carrier system into human skin. Natipide Eco increased the concentration of a model active in the skin by 50% in comparison to the non-encapsulated active and noticeably enhanced its penetration depth.

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HerbaGlow® NRG – The Power Unit for your Skin
In times of exhaustive lifestyles, consumers are seeking for cosmetic ingredients that recharge the skin’s energy reserves for a radiant and fresh-looking skin.

HerbaGlow NRG is a COSMOS-approved three-component active designed to synergistically energize and revive the skin in order to restore a healthy and youthful glow. HerbaGlow NRG shows efficacy in:

   •  Boosting the skin’s energy supply and production
   •  Providing more vitality and resistance to the skin
   •  Making skin look fresher and more radiant

HerbaGlow NRG is composed of 100% natural ingredients: it unites extracts of caper flower buds, mulberry leaves and rose roots in a propanediol-based, preservative-free and self-preserving solvent system.

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Matico - Regeneration power from nature
Matico Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB is an activity-proven Herbasol Pro extract that exhibits high antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, and contributes to natural cell migration, proliferation and recovery. These beneficial effects on wound healing and skin repair processes make Matico Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB a perfect ingredient for cosmetic applications that target the calming and re-establishment of the natural skin barrier, and the regeneration of micro-lesions and challenged skin, such as men’s grooming for shaved skin.

Kale – The key for skin well-being

Kale organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB is an activity-proven Herbasol Pro extract that is based on the beneficial and nutritious properties of organic Kale leaves. Phytochemical analysis and in vitro testing demonstrate that this extract is rich in phytonutrients, protects through immediate antioxidative activity, improves the natural stress resistance of the skin, and confers consequently an even, healthy and radiant skin appearance. Kale organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB is the solution for products that target a nourished, healthy-looking and radiant skin, as well as for well-being and lifestyle beauty applications.


Herbasol® Pro - New Anti-Inflammation Product Line
Cosmetic products against inflammation are a major topic in the cosmetic industry. To meet this desire on the cosmetic market, Lipoid Kosmetik aimed at identifying the most potent anti-inflammatory botanicals in the portfolio. We are proud to announce our 7 selected activity-proven Herbasol Pro extracts and 2 selected botanical actives that show a pronounced activity against skin inflammation.

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HerbaProtect® NOX - New in vitro Data
HerbaProtect NOX is an innovative sun care and anti-aging active that protects against delayed sun-induced skin damage and premature aging. Recently obtained additional in vitro data clearly reinforce that HerbaProtect NOX:

•  reduces light-mediated oxidative stress,
•  prevents delayed UV-induced skin damage,
•  and protects against photoaging.

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