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Product range
We offer a widespread assortment of botanical extracts, which are known for their outstanding quality. Certainly, we feature a sound range of actives, which we continuously keep on extending. Our natural additives bring our botanical product portfolio to perfection.

Our lecithins and phosphatidylcholine meet the highest standards of the modern cosmetic industry. Our product portfolio comprise a wide variety of high value natural lecithins and phosphatidylcholine, which are excellent and versatile O/W and W/O emulsifiers.
In addition we offer a new kind of skin matrix based on lamellar structure forming ingredients. We also provide a comprehensive selection of delivery systems for hydrophilic and lipophilic active ingredients.

Our portfolio includes the following categories:
   Beautiful Aging | Protection & Regeneration | Soothing & Anti-Inflammation | Moisturizing
   Brightening & Lightening | Hair Care | Microbial Balance | Slimming
   Emulsifier | Functional | Skin Texture Modifier | Skin Repair & Protection | Skin Rejuvenation
   Delivery & Encapsulation
  Liquid & Dry Extracts | Substantiated Extracts | Cosmetic Milks | Honey | Peeling

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ctives & Botanicals


COSMOS compliance
Many of our products are conforming to the Ecocert natural and organic cosmetic standard. In addition we have created the product line ‘Ecoverte’ consisting of COSMOS certified products as an option for our customers to support their contribution to environmental sustainability. This product range will regularly be extended.