Quality Policy

Lipoid Kosmetik AG is committed to provide products, services and interactions of the highest quality and value in order to earn our customers’ loyalty.

We operate a fully integrated Quality Management System which complies both the ISO 9001:2015 requirements and the ISO cosmetic GMP Norm 22716:2007. In order to continually improve the Quality Management System we will formulate quality objectives on an annual basis which aim to:
  • Monitor and ensure customer satisfaction by consistently supplying quality services & logistics meet customer’s needs
  • Ensure that all our products comply with the relevant safety and regulatory requirements
  • Foster team work and continual improvement & effectiveness of our processes
  • Ensure that our products meet always their published specifications
  • Ensure continual improvement of environmental protection measures (energy consumption, protection of biodiversity etc.)
This policy will be reviewed for its suitability on an annual basis and communicated to all interested parties.