Avril 2021

A Full Medal Set for Lipoid Kosmetik at the BSB Innovation Award 2021
Lipoid Kosmetik AG reaps the fruits of its labor and wins a full medal set at the BSB Innovation Award 2021.
In the field of 'Cosmetic Actives' the natural, microbiome-friendly yogurt concentrate Yogurtolin® wins the 1st prizeThe international jury stated: "A surprising and yet well-known natural ingredient to rebalance the skin microbiome and calm sensitive skin. Convincing marketing concept together with interesting in vivo efficacy data."
In the subcategory 'Functionals and Recipients', SLM Eco®, the cream-matrix based on hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine from sunflower wins the 3rd prize.
In the field of 'Natural Products', the newest addition to the Herbasol® Pro line Water Lily Pro is awarded the 2nd prize. Here the jury emphasized the "nice and easy to understand concept that together with in vivo efficacy tests shows convincing results".
We are proud and happy about this success and prestigious achievement, since the BSB Innovation Awards is a renowned institution in the cosmetic and personal care industry for almost 20 years.

March 2021

Water Lily Pro– Perfect Volume for Urban Hair
Water lilies originate from the water and symbolize beauty, purity and resurrection. This association makes water lilies an ideal starting point to create water-based cosmetic concepts. Water Lily Pro is a natural, COSMOS-approved substantiated extract from water lily roots.
The underwater root systems of water lilies produce a unique set of phytochemicals. Cleansing saponins, anti-oxidative flavonoids, and keratin-enforcing tannins are an ideal combination, perfectly suited for the daily hair care routine. Water Lily Pro shows the following user benefits: 

  •         Hair protection in an urban environment
  •          Improved hair manageability
  •          Taming of frizzy hair
  •          Optimized hair volume & definition

Water lily invokes positive associations. Together with its proven efficacy, Water Lily Pro is a powerful ingredient for hair care applications such as pollution protection, taming and volume optimization.
If you want to find out more about Water Lily Pro, please contact our customer service.

February 2021

Lipoid Kosmetik AG proudly announces the RSPO Mass Balance Certification
Excessive consumption of palm (kernel) oil leads to many environomental and social issues along the supply chain, hence the importance of sustainable palm oil production increases each year.
Sustainable and responsible behaviour,  ̶  based on environmental, social and economic actions ­ ̶  is a fundamental part of Lipoid Kosmetik’s business philosophy. For that reason, we have a long history regarding the use of sustainable palm (kernel) oil and its derivatives. It has been part of our purchasing specification since years. Further, Lipoid Kosmetik is a member of RSPO since 2017.
Now we are proud to announce that we reached the next level:
Lipoid Kosmetik AG received the RSPO certification according to the RSPO Supply Chain Standard, Mass Balance. This certification confirms that we contribute to the production of sustainable palm oil by using palm oil derived from sustainable supply chains. Our RSPO certification number (RSPO 7-02527-2020) can be found on the Product Composition Sheet and the Certificate of Analysis of all concerned products.
With this certification our products claimed as RSPO MB-certified are now proven to contribute to a sustainable way of using palm (kernel) oil and are able to support final cosmetic products regarding their RSPO certification claim.



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January 2021

Lipoid Kosmetik AG teams up with MyMicrobiome to bring clarity to ‘Microbiome-friendly’ cosmetic developments

Lipoid Kosmetik is proud to announce that three of its cosmetic active ingredients got acknowledged with the quality seal ‘microbiome-friendly’ according to the MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10.
The scientifically tested and certified microbiome-friendly products from Lipoid Kosmetik are: 

  • Yogurtolin®: Prebiotic and Refreshing Care for Sensitive Skin
  • Cranberry Pro: Natural Biofilm Control
  • us NeoTMWidely Applicable Antimicrobial System 

The number of cosmetic products with microbiome claims is raising and consumers start recognizing the importance of the skin microbiome. Consumers, however, often lack the scientific knowledge to make purchasing decisions. Hence, a uniform standard or label that gives consumers orientation and trust was eagerly awaited.
MyMicrobiome 18.10 is the world’s first standard that certifies microbiome-friendly products. It is based on a scientific and independent examination of the products’ influence on all aspects of the skin microbiome including microbial balance, diversity, and growth behaviour. The standard uses a conclusive and transparent seal of approval bringing clarity to consumers.
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November 2020

Yogurtolin® - Prebiotic & Refreshing Care for Sensitive Skin
Yogurt, as a probiotic food, is a success story well known to consumers – it is healthy, nutritious and tasty. Lipoid Kosmetik has rediscovered yoghurt’s beneficial properties and associations for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is often characterized by an imbalanced skin microbiome and a weak physical barrier. Further, dry and sensitive skin often appears irritated, rough and tends to redness. Lipoid Kosmetik’s Yogurtolin® shows the following properties:
• Prebiotic functionality
• Strengthening and regeneration of the skin barrier
• Calming and soothing of sensitive skin
• Instant sensation of skin refreshment
Taken together, yogurt itself already triggers positive consumer associations. These are the perfect starting point for cosmetic concepts. Our new active ingredient Yogurtolin® is a powerful prebiotic yogurt concentrate derived from Swiss milk. It is perfectly suited for sensitive skin care to restore the microbial and physical skin barrier, and sooth and refresh irritated skin.


November 2020

Lipoid Kosmetik receives ‘Outstanding Contribution to Natural Cosmetics Europe 2020’ Award
Lipoid Kosmetik is honoured to be recognized by Capital Finance International ( magazine as winner of the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Natural Cosmetics Europe 2020’ Award. The nomination for the award came as a surprise, but shows that our efforts are well observed outside of our core industry.
The judges highlighted that ‘Lipoid Kosmetik has assembled a team with a diverse set of skills and industry experience. The company employees leverage their combined knowhow to stay ahead of market trends and customer needs by seizing opportunities for innovation and growth.The company’s sustainability commitment is reflected throughout its processes, policies and product portfolio. Lipoid Kosmetik is an alchemist in nature’s pantry, using ecologically responsible practices to create high-value substances.’
Winners were selected by the Capital Finance International judging panel of industry experts seeking to identify individuals and organisations that contribute significantly to the convergence of economies and truly add value for all stakeholders. sustainability awards seek to recognise the best responses to sustainability issues by country or region, identifying companies that stand out as examples to others across the world. With more than 150'000 readers worldwide and nearly 200’000 unique pages views per months, has a strong standing in the field of business reporting with a clear emphasis on sustainable developments.

July 2020

Lipoid Kosmetik receives the new EcoVadis Platinum medal for an advanced and proactive CSR approach

Sustainability expressed by the environmental, social and ethical performance is a core value of the cosmetic industry and has been a crucial focus of Lipoid Kosmetik`s company philosophy since many years.
Hence, Lipoid Kosmetik is proud to announce that we were awarded the highest EcoVadis Platinum medal which emphasises our continuous effort to strive for a sustainable business practise and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) achievement. After being awarded with the Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership award early 2020, and after winning the EcoVadis Gold medal four times in a row, in July 2020 we immediately obtained the newly created Platinum distinction, and, with it, belong again to the top 1% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in the manufacture of chemical products n.e.c. industry.
EcoVadis is an independent rating agency that provides the leading solution for measuring sustainability in global supply chains. By compiling CSR efforts regarding environmental, social, economic impacts and stakeholder relationships, EcoVadis evaluates and ranks more than 65'000 companies across a variety of countries and industries to implement a universal label for sustainability.
The 2020 EcoVadis Platinum medal recognizes our work to constantly improve CSR processes and documentation and proofs to our customers that we at Lipoid Kosmetik are not only talking about sustainability but actually live it.


July 2020

Lipoid Kosmetik AG Honored with PCHi 2020 Fountain Award

Lipoid Kosmetik is proud to announce that our active ingredient Carotolino won the Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) Fountain Award 2020 in the category ‘Anti-Pollution’. 122 products from 79 companies from all over the world have been submitted to the international expert panel of the PCHi fair in Shanghai. The impressive number emphasizes the importance of this well-recognized award in China. Originally planned to take place in February, now postponed to July, PCHi has decided to honor the winners of the Fountain Award already now in an online Award Ceremony.


‘We are very proud to receive this prestigious award as a sign of our continuous effort to provide sophisticated, high-quality cosmetic ingredients that follow consumer trends and combine attractive marketing concepts with superior scientific data’ says Dr. Peter Röthlisberger, Managing Director of Lipoid Kosmetik.
Carotolino was already among the finalists of the in-cosmetics Global Innovation Award 2019 and won the 3rd prize of the BSB Innovation Award 2019 in the category ‘most innovative raw material’. This third recognition reinforces that Carotolino is perceived as a pioneering active ingredient all over the globe.

April 2020

TWO BSB Innovation Awards for Lipoid Kosmetik AG

Innovation is the backbone of our industry, sustainability is a prerequisite. Two 3rd prizes for two new products have been granted to Lipoid Kosmetik AG by the renowned BSB Innovation Award. Both, Phytocodine® in the field of Cosmetic Actives and Blossom Honey Pro in the field of Natural Products got acknowledged with an award. Although in-cosmetics Global got postponed, we launch these two products already now.
The importance of this award is emphasized by the names of the finalists for this award: BASF, Clariant, Lucas Meyer, Merck, Symrise, Givaudan, Lipotrue, Lubrizol, Maruzen and Mibelle Biochemistry to name a few.

April 2020

PhytoCodine® - Natural Messenger Peptides to Reprogram Skin Structure
A person’s perceived age is determined by physical traits on face and neck. These traits mostly reflect the integrity of the extracellular matrix, which provides structure, homogeneity and elasticity to skin.
Matrikines are dermal messenger peptides that instruct skin cells to reorganize and build-up the extracellular matrix. So far, synthetic matrikines have been used in cosmetics. Now, Lipoid Kosmetik investigated and isolated – for the first time – natural matrikine-like peptides from cedar nuts and presents them in a novel anti-aging concentrate: PhytoCodine®. PhytoCodine® mimics the activity of matrikines that naturally occur in our skin, and has the following benefits:
Renewal of extracellular matrix
• Improvement of dermal surface & texture
• Support of facial density & elasticity
• Rejuvenating effect of mature skin
Taken together, PhytoCodine® is the world’s first concentrate of plant-derived, natural matrikine-like peptides. It reprograms fibroblasts to build-up extracellular matrix components characteristic of younger looking skin and thereby, PhytoCodine® directly contributes to a person’s perceived age.

If you want to find out more about our PhytoCodine®, please contact our customer service .

Avril 2020

Lipoid Kosmetik honored with Best Performer Award for Sustainability Excellence by EcoVadis 
Lipoid Kosmetik is proud to announce that we got acknowledged with the "Sustainability Leadership Award Small to Medium Enterprise 2020" in the category "Best Performer Heavy Manufacturing" by EcoVadis.
During EcoVadis’ annual Sustain Conference in March 2020, EcoVadis honored outstanding performers for their actions in sustainableprocurement and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across all industries. EcoVadis is the world’s leading sustainability rating agency and ranks the CSR performance of 65’000 companies in 160 countries in different industries on a yearly basis. 
We have already received Gold Status for our excellent CSR activities four times in a row since 2015 and were ranked among the top 1% of suppliers assessed by EcoVadis in all industries. Taking our CSR activity as a mission, we constantly improved our performance score year-by-year. Finally, our top score in 2019 was crowned by winning an EcoVadis Sustainability Leadership Award 2020 as one of a few companies. To emphasize the importance of this acknowledgment, award winners in 2020 in the field of sustainable procurement excellence include Groupe Peugeot, Henkel, the Estée Lauder Companies and L’Oréal.

January 2020

Blossom Honey Pro – Sweet Luxury for Moisture & Volume
Honey is a strong brand, and a success story. Already in ancient Greece, honey was used as natural doping, energy source and cure-all.Still today, honey is associated with positive attributes and emotions: It is natural, sustainable, sweet, precious, luxurious and nutritious. 
Blossom Honey Pro is a COSMOS-certified, substantiated extract based on organic acacia honey, and is refined for optimal cosmetic use. We demonstrate that its composition of supersaturated sugar with more than 200 bioactive compounds result in the following benefits of Blossom Honey Pro: 
Nourishment & energy supply to enhance skin cell proliferation and activity
Powerful moisturization through increased water attraction & storage
Enhancement of skin volume and plumping by generating osmotic pressure
The positive associations of honey in combination with its proven efficacy make Blossom Honey Pro a powerful ingredient for nourishing, moisturizing and volumizing cosmetic applications.
If you want to find out more about our Blossom Honey Pro, please contact our customer service .

January 2020

Herbasol® Pro Extracts with New Name
We are happy to present the new names of Lipoid Kosmetik’s Herbasol® Pro extracts. Herbasol® Pro is our line of activity-proven extracts, for which we provide a trendy marketing story, phytochemical analysis as well as in vitro data. Hence, our Herbasol® Pro extracts can be considered as a niche between extracts (‘Emotives’) and Actives.
In order to strengthen the added value of these products, we have decided to adapt the product names by including the identifier ‘Pro’. Currently, the following Herbasol® Pro extracts are available in our ever-growing portfolio:
Blossom Honey Pro
Jackfruit Pro
Cranberry Pro
Kale Pro
Mate Pro
Blackcurrant Pro
Green Coffee Pro
Matico Pro
Mexican Arnica Pro
Moringa Pro
Mulberry Pro
Siberian Ginseng Pro
If you are interested in more details about these products, please contact our customer service .

January 2020

COSMOS Certification of our Organic Actives & Herbasol® Pro Extracts
Lipoid Kosmetik is pleased to announce that we have COSMOS-certified a variety of our Actives and activity-proven Herbasol® Pro extracts, which are based on organic plant sources. The following products are now certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS Standard:
Blossom Honey Pro certified as 5.05% organic
Cider VNGR+® certified as 55.5% organic
Cranberry Pro certified as 30% organic
Jackfruit Pro certified as 51.73% organic
Kale Pro certified as 22.5% organic
Please contact please contact our customer service for more information.

Avril 2019
3ème prix au BSB Innovation Award Cosmetics 2019

Le nouvel actif Carotolino de Lipoid Kosmetik a remporté le 3ème prix dans la catégorie ‘Most innovative raw material’ du BSB Innovation Award Cosmetics 2019. En tant que primo participant, nous sommes très fiers de cette recompense. Le BSB Award est reconnu internationalement et est attribué par un juri indépendant depuis 17 ans.
Carotolino était également nominé pour l‘Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2019’ dans la catégorie ‘Active’.

Avril 2019
Carotolino - Blue Light Protection and a Vivid Look
La lumière bleue naturelle et artificielle abîme la peau et induit le vieillissement prématuré. Les caroténoïdes sont la réponse protectrice de la nature au stress oxydatif induit par la lumière bleue. En plus de leur activité photo protective, les caroténoïdes appliqués en topique optimisent la carnation, transformant un teint terne et pâle en une bonne mine.
Le nouvel ingrédient de Lipoid Kosmetik Carotolino est basé sur une association unique d’extrait de carotte, huile de carotte et beta carotene, sur un support d’huile de canola, afin de stabiliser les caroténoïdes. Carotolino est efficace pour:
  • Protéger de la lumière bleue
  • Neutraliser les espèces réactives de l’oxygène induites par la lumière bleue.
  • Apporter un teint éclatant, en bonne santé.

En résumé, Carotolino contient le meilleur des carottes, dont des caroténoïdes stabilisés. Il réduit les dommages cutanés induits par la lumière bleue et dans le même temps apporte un teint éclatant. Notre actif végétal est un ingrédient tendance qui cible la protection et la vitalité des peaux confrontées à l’environnement moderne.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur notre nouvelle ligne de produits, contactez notre service client.

Avril 2019
Hydro-Gain – The Barrier and Hydration Booster
Pour avoir une jolie peau, saine et sans irritations une quantité suffisante d’eau dans le stratum corneum est nécessaire. Les stratégies les plus efficaces pour réduire la perte insensible en eau sont d’améliorer la fonction barrière et d’augmenter la capacité de la peau à retenir l’eau.
Hydro-Gain est le cocktail humidifiant 100% naturel, approuvé Cosmos de Lipoid Kosmetik qui vise à une rétention d’eau optimale. Hydro-Gain combine des extraits lipophiles d’écorce de bouleau blanc et d’huile de figue de Barbarie avec de la lécithine hydrogénée régénérante.
Ce mélange unique de substances actives:
  • renforce la barrière cutanée
  • améliore l’hygroscopie à court et à long terme
  • apporte une hydratation en profondeur efficace
En résumé, Hydro-Gain renforce simultanément la barrière hydrolipidique et augmente la quantité de molécules qui retiennent l’eau. L’actif minimise la perte insensible en eau et augmente l’hydratation de la peau. Cette approche holistique pour lutter contre la sécheresse cutanée fait d’Hydro-Gain l’ingrédient parfait pour des produits novateurs.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur notre nouvelle ligne de produits, contactez notre service client.

Avril 2019
Jackfruit Pro – Vegan Food for Vegan Skin
Le mode de vie vegan est fondé sur le bien être et la conscience de la vie mais il est également synonyme de jeunesse, mode et confiance en soi. Le véganisme n’est plus seulement une tendance majeure de l’alimentation mais aussi plus récemment de l’industrie cosmétique.

Bien que le mode de vie vegan soit extrêmement sain, l’alimentation stricte à base de fruits et légumes ne permet pas l’apport de certains nutriments essentiels tels que la créatine, un metabolite qui apporte de l’énergie à la peau. Pour compenser ce manque, Lipoid Kosmetik a développé l’extrait de Jackfruit Pro. Le fruit du jacquier est déjà largement utilisé dans la cuisine vegan. Nous avons montré que notre extrait de jacquier améliore l’absorption de la créatine par la peau et vient donc compléter un regime vegan.

En résumé, le Jackfruit ne symbolise pas seulement le style de vie vegan, il pallie également la carence en créatine dans les peaux des vegans. Notre extrait de jacquier répond tout particulièrement aux besoins des personnes se nourrissant exclusivement de plantes. En conséquence il est l’ingrédient ideal pour le marché croissant des cosmétiques vegan.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur notre nouvelle ligne de produits, contactez notre service client.


Janvier 2019
De la Canneberge pour votre peau
Les biofilms sont des habitats complexes de microorganismes sur la peau humaine. Les microbes peuvent se cacher à l’intérieur de la matrice protectrice des biofilms, où ils ont une vulnérabilité réduite aux agents antimicrobiens. Ce fait incite l’industrie cosmétique à identifier et sélectionner des composés phytochimiques équilibrants qui affaiblissent spécifiquement les biofilms de bactéries à l’origine de troubles et qui soutiennent les biofilms de microbes présentant des avantages.
Avec son extrait de Cranberry Pro, Lipoid Kosmetik présente un nouvel outil cosmétique qui cible les biofilms cutanés. L’extrait exerce une activité anti-adhésive et anti-biofilm mais n’est pas biocide. Il réprime de manière sélective la formation de biofilms de microorganismes défavorables, tout en favorisant les microorganismes bénéfiques. Ainsi cet extrait de canneberge bio équilibre naturellement le microbiome de la peau. 
L’extrait de Cranberry Pro peut être utilisé comme ingrédient actif autonome pour contrôler les biofilms cutanés, ou comme complément d’agent antimicrobiens.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur notre nouvelle ligne de produits, contactez notre service client.

VNGR+ – Teintures sans alcool des temps anciens
Le vinaigre est un ingrédient aux multiples bienfaits, connu depuis des siècles.
Il est particulièrement utile pour les cheveux car il régule le PH et les nettoie naturellement. Les ingrédients à base de vinaigre sont donc parfaitement adaptés pour lutter contre les cheveux abîmés, ternes et indisciplinés.

Lipoid Kosmetik développe une gamme d’extraits VNGR+ de grande qualité, qui réduit les dommages du cheveu, tout en le laissant  lisse et brillant.
Les VNGR+ sont des extraits de plantes dans un solvant vinaigre/glycérine. Ce mélange vinaigre/glycérine permet la réalisation de teintures concentrées, sans alcool.
Optimisés pour leur performance et leur efficacité, les extraits VNGR+ sont les partenaires idéaux des soins quotidiens du cheveu.

Cider VNGR+ est une extraction de mauve et ortie par un vinaigre de cidre Suisse et de la glycérine.

Rice VNGR+ est une extraction de chrysanthème et de renouée par un vinaigre de riz et de la glycérine. 

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur notre nouvelle ligne de produits, contactez notre service client.

Natipide® Eco – Natural Carrier for Cosmetic Actives
L’encapsulation d’actifs est de plus en plus utilisée dans les soins dermo-cosmétiques, répondant au besoin de produits multifonctionnels toujours plus sûrs et plus performants.

Natipide Eco est un nouveau système de transport innovant pour actifs cosmétiques hydrophiles, fabriqué exclusivement à partir de matières premières naturelles. La formule concentrée pré-liposomale permet la réalisation de liposomes stables de 200nm, simplement en la dispersant dans l’eau.

Une étude in vivo par spectroscopie RAMAN a été menée pour démontrer l’efficacité et la performance de Natipide Eco comme vecteur dans la peau : comparé à l’actif non encapsulé, l’actif dans Natipide Eco pénètre plus profondément et sa concentration dans le Stratum Corneum est augmentée de 50%.

Pour plus d'informations s'il vous plaît cliquez sur ce lien.


HerbaGlow® NRG – The Power Unit for your Skin
Les rythmes de vie intenses actuels poussent à rechercher des cosmétiques qui rechargent les réserves d’énergie de la peau et qui lui apportent éclat et radiance.

HerbaGlow NRG est un actif approuvé COSMOS à base de trois ingrédients qui dans le même temps énergise et ravive la peau pour lui donner une apparence saine et rajeunie. HerbaGlow a prouvé son efficacité dans :

   •  L’apport d’énergie à la peau
   •  La vitalité et la résistance de la peau
   •  L’apparence plus jeune et plus radiante

HerbaGlow NRG est composé à 100% d’ingrédients naturels : il réunit des extraits de bourgeons de câprier, feuilles de mûrier blanc et racines de Rhodiola Rosea dans un solvant sans conservateur et biologiquement stable à base de propanediol.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur notre nouvelle ligne de produits, contactez notre service client.